I support you in buying an airplane, a helicopter or a related service.

My Goal
My goal is to find the best solution in the broad field of air transport for you. I strive to achieve a state where you feel that your money has been spent well. I want you to recommend my services to your friends and acquaintances.

Offer review

It can be challenging to verify and compare the information provided by manufacturers and distributors of airplanes and helicopters. Based on your needs, my know-how, and a detailed analysis of the solutions available on the market, I recommend the best solution. The recommendation is based on hard figures and presented in a clear way, .

Good decisions

Buying an airplane or a helicopter is a tough decision to make. It involves a high cost and a long-term commitment. General Aviation is an area which the majority of people never come into contact with. At the same time, it is a complex and extensive field of expertise. Many essential details concerning the use of aircraft are only revealed after the purchase. I can help you avoid such surprises.
I’m with you

You’re my only boss here, I’m commissioned by you, I am on your side and I act in your interest only.